Lansdowne Road Agreement Overtime

The Lansdowne Road Agreement (LRA) is a significant agreement in Irish employment law and has been in place since 2015. One key aspect of the agreement is overtime pay for public sector employees.

Under the LRA, public sector employees are entitled to be paid time and a half for all overtime worked. This applies to all overtime worked in excess of the standard working hours as set out in the employee`s contract. The overtime rate also applies to certain types of work, such as work carried out on Sundays and public holidays.

The LRA was introduced as a means of restoring some of the pay cuts that were made during the economic recession. It was designed to help reduce the impact of these cuts on public sector employees and to ensure that they received fair remuneration for their work.

The overtime rates set out in the LRA are designed to provide a fair level of compensation for public sector employees who work additional hours. They are also intended to help prevent employers from relying too heavily on overtime to meet their staffing needs.

Public sector employees who are eligible for overtime pay under the LRA should be aware of their rights and should ensure that they are being paid correctly for any overtime worked. If an employee feels that they are not receiving the correct level of pay, they should raise this with their employer or their union.

Overall, the Lansdowne Road Agreement has helped to improve the working conditions of public sector employees in Ireland. It has enabled these workers to receive fair pay for the work that they do, including for any overtime worked. As such, it is an important agreement that has had a significant impact on employment law in Ireland.
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